The Butterfly Effect – Welcome to the Parsec Universe

Apparently, for a caterpillar, the process of becoming a butterfly is so scary that it takes a little extra time to get out of its cocoon, more than it’s actually needed. Birth is indeed a very emotional moment, joyful and painful at the same time, but rebirth can be something even more extraordinary. Adding a new piece to an existing book might be one of the most difficult things to do. Writers and producers know it well: it takes really few efforts to come up with a wrong kind of sequel. On the other hand, when the next chapter turns out to be exciting, nobody will ever regret becoming a butterfly in the first place. 

No matter how big the business is, coexisting in an environment made of thousands of other butterflies involves asking ourselves what it really means to be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs can see an opportunity where all the others can’t, they can find alternative paths at those crossroads where everyone else only sees the red light and ultimately, they can make good use of their mistakes instead of seeing those as a failure. 

The knowledge of ourselves is the key element for any step it takes to build a business. What colours are we made of? How big our wings are? How long and in what conditions can we fly? If we’re not able to answer these simple questions, how do we think we can meet the needs of the people and of the market we’re operating in?

However, once we go through an analysis process we need to figure out what happens next. Having been a caterpillar in the past doesn’t automatically mean you know how to be a butterfly today. The biggest challenge of all times is to be able to adapt to the times we’re living in and refusing to accept this approach can only lead to an entrepreneurial suicide in no time. Each environment shows that only those able to adapt can survive by changing their shape but never their true values. Nothing new, dear old Charles Darwin would say. 

So here we are, with 28 years of experience on our shoulders and many incredible adventures that brought us where we are today. We understood what we’re made of, we chose the colours that will distinguish us from the other butterflies and we accepted the many changes our field undertook. However, this is not enough and we decided it was time for our own rebirth in order to spread our wings and fly even further. 

We are Parsec. And this blog along with our brand new website is the very first flower we are landing on and a way for us to say we are here for you, habitués and newcomers, you are the reason we exist. We are Parsec, and you are very much welcome to explore our universe.