In 1992, from the experience and foresight of its founders, Parsec Srl came to life. In astronomy “Parsec” is the unit of measurement which indicates the distance between celestial objects, and staying true to our name, we set our standards high because going long distance is possible if you have the right tools in your pocket. Keeping our eyes on the stars, while keeping our feet on the ground, as the wise Roosevelt liked to say, we became a true landmark of expertise and reliability for all kinds of businesses seeking professional IT services and software


Our goal is to provide all kinds of companies the most prestigious products and the very best assistance. With our partnership with Zucchetti, the largest Italian software house, we are able to give our clients top-quality products while maintaining a close relationship and efficient support.


Here at Parsec we believe in the quality of the products we sell. For this reason, it is crucial for us to reach the highest levels of expertise in order to provide you with the smartest and quickest solutions. 

It is an honour for us to obtain recognition for the hard work we do every day and this motivates us to embrace any kind of challenge, from the most complex demands to the highest expectations.