A real portal that optimizes the management and communication processes, streamlines and improves efficiency of the personnel department activities. HR Portal allows all services, information and employee self-service for collaborators and applications reserved for the personnel office to be published online. 

HR Portal is therefore a useful tool for supporting relations between the company and its staff that allows the entire organization to reduce information access time, facilitate the consultation of documents, optimize process management and improve company image, through a single web access point.

If on the one hand the HR portal facilitates HR Manager and Middle Management work in managing collaborators, on the other hand, it allows the entire company population to access information that it needs and be involved in company processes. 

HR Portal is available on PC, tablet, smartphone and totem touch screen.

  • Via the HR Portal, the Human Resources department has the following online:

    • all services (payroll, attendance management, staff budget etc) for managing its collaborators;
    • An important tool for managing several activities and processes (from recruitment to selection, training schedules to the sending of assessment tests, skill assessment to goal allocation, etc);
    • an area for publishing company communication and any document of interest to employees (payslip, attendance sheet, contract data, salary, etc), even if differentiated by organizational structures in the company (branches, sectors etc);
    • A provision point for so-called self-service services that allow employees to check their attendance badges and enter any reasons for attendance/absence, enter their holiday plans, expense reports, view their training programme and take part in courses, etc

    HR Portal: the new way of working of the HR Department!

HR Portal is part of the HR Infinity Global Solution, the first and only web based suite with a unique database for a complete management of all administrative, organizational and HR management aspects.

  • Payroll
  • Time & Attendance
  • Time & Attendance Workflow
  • Travel Planning & Booking
  • Travel Expense Management
  • Workforce Scheduling and Shift Planning
  • HR Budget and Cost Management
  • Job Costing
  • Access Control
  • HR Analytics


Workflow Presenze and Piano Ferie is the perfect solution for those businesses willing eliminate the communication inefficencies  concerning absence justifications  and vacation plan.

With Workflow Presenze and Piano Ferie you can automate the entire communication process while eliminating phone calls, emails and paper work. By simply being connected to the internet, employees can send requests to their supervisors who can approve or disapprove them. In case of positive response, justifications are automatically acquired by the time & attendance software.

With Workflow Presenze and Piano Ferie you will be able to exclude human mistakes, waste of time and useless costs for a more efficent time & attendance management.

Workflow Presenze is available both via licencing and via Software as a Service mode. 

With Workflow you can have the following advantages:

  • no more paper work and less email exchanges
  • less communication costs
  • better process standardization
  • higher quality information

Workflow Presenze can be integrated with:

  • Payroll
  • Open Budget
  • Selection
  • Learning
  • Compensation & Performance
  • Welfare
  • Access Management



Presenze Web is the software managing employee attendance. User friendly and quick to install it automates time & attendance and its supervision.

Developed with a web technology, this software allows you to manage the time & attendance supervision from anywhere via intranet and internet connection in order to avoid software installment in the work stations. 

Presenze Web software is available both in licencing and Software as a Service mode.


Presenze Web is the modular software made to meet the needs of small and medium businesses that seek to decrease data management time while mantaining efficiency.


This software is easy to install and user-friendly, cutting to minimum data entry and data editing.


Presenze Web can be used by any kind of company and for any kind of contract the employee has. Moreover, it can be quickly be updated for any legislative change, assuring you to be always law responsive.


This software is perfectly integrated with HR Infinity Global Solution Zucchetti: one comprehensive platform with one common database and portal. No more waste of time in terms of personnel management and supervision. 

Presenze Web can be integrated with:

  • Payroll
  • Workflow Presenze
  • Open Budget
  • Selection
  • Learning
  • Compensation & Performance


Risorse umane is the one solution that supports the management in their decision making process concerning employees, collecting their career  history data from selection to learning and potential career developement.

Risorse Umane Project is the key tool for business goals achievement thanks to the clear display of human reasources in all their aspects.

With Risorse Umane Project, you can:

  • simplify selection processes
  • draw learning plans
  • define performance processes
  • define compensations and incentives
  • evaluate employee potential or critical aspects
  • produce up-to-date reports

Risorse Umane can be integrated with:

  • Payroll
  • Workflow Presenze
  • Open Budget
  • Selection
  • Learning
  • Compensation & Performance
  • Access Management



Paghe project is a payroll elaboration solution that brings together the advantages of a standard solution and the flexibility of a software that allows a high level of customization.

Paghe Project is the ideal software for all those companies in need of a complex payroll elaboration solution such as banks, insurance companies etc.

This software is available both in licencing and Software as a Service mode.

The data structure and the pay slip calculations are directly defined and updated by Zucchetti: you can benefit of all the advantages of a standard product while guaranteed a constantly updated software over time. 

Without compromising a standard procedure, it’s possible to customize any kind of data in order to meet any business need.

ANY BUSINESS AND ANY CONTRACT you can manage multiple firms at the same time and different contract types within.

MULTILANGUAGE you can choose different languages to display different screens and messages.

CUSTOM STRUCTURE you can fully customize your database in order to satisfy your information and management demands.

SPLIT MANAGEMENT you can easily manage all business relationship with your employees even in case of multiple tasks.

CALCULATION RULES starting from calculation functions set by Zucchetti, you can define your own calculation rules in case of specific needs.

VARIABLE ITEMS you can upload or import data from other software (time & attendance, workflow etc.) 

Paghe Project è il software integrato con le seguenti soluzioni:

  • Presenze e Workflow Presenze
  • Costi e Budget del Personale
  • Selezione
  • Formazione
  • Compensation e Valutazioni
  • Gestione accessi


Paghe Web is a payroll elaboration software made for the modern HR offices that need the most efficent tools in a high demaning environment  in order to reach concrete goals while simplifying every day tasks.

The many calculation automations, the functionality range and the automatic fiscal updates are just some of the many advantages of this software.

Paghe Web is available both in licencing and Software as Service mode.

With Paghe Web you can easily:

  • manage all the crucial fiscal information
  • automate and custom pay slips elaboration
  • be up-to-date with legal aspects concerning contracts

Paghe Web can be integrated with:

  • Presenze e Workflow Presenze
  • Open Budget
  • Selection
  • Learning
  • Compensation & Performance
  • Access Management



HR management is now required to provide more strategic and real contributions to reach corporate goals. This means that it must, on the one hand, ensure the availability of resources and the necessary skills and, on the other, ensure correct and controlled personnel management, while balancing corporate costs and the ability to generate value.

Open Budget is the Zucchetti HR Infinity suite solution, fully developed with web technology, that allows modern HR management to manage and monitor the various personnel cost components (contract salary elements, variable wages, bonus system, etc.) and various management events that influence it (labor cost forecast, new hires, terminations, salary policies, internal mobility, absenteeism, etc.). The Zucchetti personnel budget and cost software is an advanced and fully functional tool that organizes and processes cost data, to be able to analyze detailed trends, forecast future evolution (budget and forecast) and permit accurate comparisons and analyses to promptly intervene and implement the necessary corrective measures.

Innovative, flexible and user-friendly HR Budget & Cost Management is available both as Licence, installing the solution at the client’s premises or at Zucchetti’s Data Center and as Cloud Software as a Service.

Integrated and open database

The integrated database shared by all Zucchetti HR Infinity suite keeps all data constantly aligned and avoids errors and repetitive data entry, saving time:

– personal and organizational data for employees and the company;

– cost data concerning individual salaries and accessory costs for personnel from payroll procedures (i.e.: salary, bonuses, contributions, accruals, etc.)

– personnel management and government cost data from other procedures (i.e..: training, recruitment, PPE, canteen, outsourcing, etc.)

Integrated management template

The solution offers an innovative template to increase the data information content on HR management. In fact, personnel cost is analyzed in all its components and dynamics to indicate “why” the cost changes and consequently identify the management policies that govern it.

Open Budget can be integrated with the following solutions:

  • Payroll
  • Workflow 
  • HR cost & budget
  • Selection
  • Learning
  • Compensation and performance
  • Welfare 
  • Access Management

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