With Fatturazione Elettronica Zucchetti you can exchange e-invoices both with individuals (B2B) and public administration (B2G). 

This software is perfectly integrated with any business management tool (even the non-Zucchetti softwares) and automates the entire invoicing process.

With Fatturazione Elettronica Zucchetti you can manage the entire invoicing process, both active and passive:

  • Send e-invoices (XML format) to individuals and public administration 
  • Receive invoices from your suppliers and manage the entire passive process
  • The notification system will inform you on the deliverability 
  • Digital signature on the invoices 
  • Store digitally all the invoices as per law

E-invoicing is crucial for your business and thanks to this software you will be able to:

  1. Save time and money
  2. Completely cut the use of paper thanks to the digital signature and digital storage
  3. Total integration with Zucchetti and non-Zucchetti business management softwares
  4. Send automatic invoices to your accountant 
  5. Have a tailor-made solution if you don’t have a business management software
  6. If you are an accountant you can produce invoices for you and your clients
  7. Access your invoices anywhere and anytime you want 
  8. Receive directly fuel e-invoices 


Conservazione Zucchetti allows you to eliminate paper archives in full observance of the law.

With the digital signature you can digitalize any document and make it uneditable, unperishable and authenitc over time.

Thanks to the total automation in the process, Conservazione Zucchetti makes your storing activity simple while optimizing costs. The software is available in outsourcing mode so you won’t have to worry about anything!


Archiving digitally means you can transfer your files on a physical support (PC,DVD,CD, etc.). This process is not regulated by any law and it can be done internally for organizing purposes. 

Instead, digital storage is regulated by DAC (Digital Administration Code) in order to guarantee integrity, authenticity and readability of documents over time. 

Conservazione Zucchetti operates in full observance of the law while guaranteeing many advantages.


Outsourcing plus

Choosing Zucchetti as conservation manager means outsourcing the following tasks:
  • digital storage procedures
  • digital storage management
  • digital storage monitoring & supervision 
  • digital storage integrity and readability verification

Operational and finance adavantages:

  • cutting management costs and paper archives
  • reduce printing 
  • fast file search
  • better information confidentiality

Conservazione Digitale can be integrated with:

  • Infinity DMS
  • Business Management
  • Payroll
  • E-invoicing


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