Marketing Makeover – How to Boost Your Business in a Few Steps

Those who know us are aware of the fact we are no ordinary business. Though, we want to tell our story to those who have never heard about us as well. Parsec started its journey back in 1992 and turned into Zucchetti partner agency right at the beginning of the new millennium. Zucchetti products don’t really need any introduction as they have always been the best Italian software since forever. Arezzo, the town where the Parsec headquarters are located, is widely known for the gold manufacturing industry and this allowed us to work very closely with goldsmiths and artisans who managed to bring their “made in Italy” excellencies around the globe. A no-rehearsal ride that opened up a lot of doors for us and that gave us the chance to shape our brand identity: a small business representing a huge legacy such as Zucchetti while keeping a local-oriented way of working. We soon found out no matter how big our clients were, we have always been by their side promptly and with a human approach that people seem to forget the moment they become big fishes.

28 years have passed and we surely didn’t get bored. We might be small but we could tell many incredible stories. It comes a time though, in which it’s crucial to get the right new tools in order to keep the pace and avoid being included in the grey area of indifference. Even if Zucchetti has always been on the front line in terms of innovation, we needed to find our own marketing strategy, tailor-made for who we are and where we want to go. Since the rise of social media, countless businesses tried their hand at building any sort of official pages and new websites. But the real difference between those who tried and those who really got results stands in the way they communicated. Very simply: using the word “marketing” every five minutes does not mean you actually know how it works and how it has to be done. What do you do when DIY does not work properly? You hire a professional that can turn short-term victories into long-term results which don’t come with Facebook DIY starter pack.

That’s what we did, we looked in the mirror and worked hard to get some fresh air to breathe. How? Here are some tips and useful steps that we used in our strategy and that anyone can use for just about any type of business. 


Feeling envious because your neighbour’s business is doing better than yours? This is not good. No matter how big your business is, one thing is for sure: there will always be someone who can do what you do, and do it potentially better. Owning a business and not having a clue where you are standing can do nothing but confuse us on where we’re going. Pick your main competitors, watch them, try to understand both their strongest and weakest features and consider their moves before you make yours. Checkmate.


Once you have a clear picture of who your competitors are, you will be able to define the main features of your brand identity. You will need to focus on your values and products if you want to reserve yourself a good space with a good view. Always keep in mind who you are, nobody will ask you to do business if you’re not even sure what your business is.


Communication is an empty box we need to fill with appropriate tools. We need to understand what’s useful and what’s not so we don’t end up fixing a broken pipe with needle and thread. A millennial-proof website or a page on any social media requires specific management skills that go way beyond the purchase of a domain or the setup of a Facebook page. Be creative and think of paths your competitors haven’t thought about; learn to schedule even the smallest detail and keep consistency in everything you communicate.


Needless to say: you can’t become a ninja overnight and certainly you cannot become a sudden marketing expert. A presumptuous entrepreneur who’s not willing to invest in specific professionals roles can expect nothing but a non-communication, a ringing phone with nobody answering. Asking for help, both internally and externally, is the best choice if you do not have the right communication skills at your disposal.


We all know the hype around a new project can be huge. We set up a nice Facebook page, we write an accurate biography, we publish a couple of posts and we invite our friends to like the page. Most businesses start a marathon and choke only after a few miles. Your channels must be kept alive, they need attention and need to be nurtured just like a living creature. Communication threads can snap very easily and silence is indeed the first suspect on the list. Try to never get to the point where you ask yourself “when did I last post?” because there’s nothing more useless than buying a Ferrari ad keep it in the garage because we prefer a minivan.